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La Granadella beach, near Javea

Hi, I am Christina and I have been living in Spain for almost 4 years now, living my dream, enjoying my time in the sun and adjusting to life in a new culture but I now feel it is time for me to begin a new challenge. I have been in the financial sector for most of my working life with my last job being as a bank manager so although I have enjoyed being without the normal day to day pressures I do feel I am overdue to get back to work and as I've always had an interest in the housing market and had involvement with mortgages through the bank I felt this was the perfect business for me to be involved with. I enjoy meeting new people and will appreciate meeting both buyers and sellers and would love to help other people realise their ambitions of moving to Spain for a beter life as I have.
 We're on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn and even Youtube so please like us/follow us or whatever you feel and follow me on my journey and please feel free to contact me about anything you choose as I'm very keen on your feedback and what you would like to see on my site. Please check back here from time to time as apart from keeping  up to date with what I am doing I shall be adding bits of local news, fiestas, extreme weather (usually HOT) and any interesting items to give you some local colour.


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